Scotland tour, April and September 1996

To receive the full benefit of these pitures, you will need at least a DirectColour (X11) aka Hicolour (Win) visual as display unit. That is at least 15 bit or 32768 colours. An even better display (like a TrueColour visual, 24 bit and above) is fine, too. With just 256 colours (aka PseudoColour, or 8 bit), dithering may render the images unbearable.

Strangely, in PseudoColour mode NSCA Mosaic displays everything very reasonable whereas Netscape dithers the pictures until they are dead!

[Map of Europe] [Map of Scotland]

Here are the pictures I would like to share with you, the Net. All frontpages contain iconized reproductions of the pictures I offer. Be warned: Using an ISDN linkup at 64 bps you'll need 8 to 10 seconds just to load the icons. Here you go:

  1. normal-sized (about 450x300 pixel) images with some explanations (GIFs),
  2. fullsized (about 1780x1180 pixel) images directory (JPEGs)
The scans were done in two runs and - I am sorry to report - with differing qualities. Most of my original picture trail has too high a contrast whereas the new additions are more satisfactory, have a greater sharpness, higher quality and - I am afraid - are a little larger.

There are a few more images worthwile to the interested observer, but probably not to the casual one. Thus the rejects which didn't make it into the other trip are made available separately:

  1. normal-sized (about 450x300 pixel) images with little explanations (GIFs),
  2. fullsized (about 1780x1180 pixel) images directory (JPEGs)

For the interested

All normal-sized pictures were converted from their fullsized JPEG sources using the following ImageMagick command:

mogrify -format gif -interlace line -sharpen 50 \
-size '25%x25%' *.jpeg

All icon images were converted from the normal-sized GIF source using the following ImageMagick command in a Bourne shell loop:

for i in *.gif ; do s=`basename $i .gif` ; echo $s ; \
convert -mattecolor '#ccc' -frame 10x10 -interlace line \
-quality 90 -comment "Scotland, April 1996" -colors 248 \
-colorspace yuv -geometry '15%x15%' $i $s.jpeg ; done

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